About Us

When only naturally glorious flowers will do, we have the blooms for you located on our two-acre flower farm at East Wall in the South Shropshire Hills.

A posy as a treat for yourself, a gift bouquet, a bucket of flowers to play with at home or flowers for your special occasion or event. We can provide all of this and more. Do get in touch with us to discuss your flowery needs.

Nestled in the lee of Wenlock Edge, an area of truly outstanding beauty, we are obsessed with sharing the glory of our flower farm. We provide many opportunities for you to pick your own flowers during our very popular field events or during our weekly picking openings. Search our online shop to find our pre-arranged dates for our field events or if you are a group of between 5 and 9 people, talk to us about organising a special event just for you and have the whole flower field and floral marquee to yourselves.

Flowers feed our souls and enrich our lives. They speak volumes when words aren’t enough or when they have run out. Flowers reflect our every emotion: happy, sad and sorry and they are that special ingredient which help us to celebrate all our occasions: friendship, love, new life and sorrow. They bring life and movement to our home and yet they bring calm to our lives. They reflect our character and our mood. Life would certainly be dull without them. Can you tell? At Wall Flowers Seasonal Blooms, we are just a little bit passionate about flowers!

It isn’t just any old flower for us however! We are fanatical about celebrating each season with the flowers of that momentand working in tune with nature and the environment. We grow only naturally glorious flowers, the flowers of English cottage gardens and the British countryside. We grow flowers with character and which are often scented. 

We wouldn’t describe our flowers as “wild” as many have been cultivated for their cut flower qualities. We would however describe our influence as “wildly romantic”.