Christmas Wreath Workshops


Who doesn’t like welcoming their guests over the Christmas period with a naturally glorious, beautifully made festive wreath?

Our micro workshops ensure that you get lots of individual attention to create the most beautiful hand crafted and personal wreath possible. All natural materials are sustainably sourced and provided for your use. Our sustainably harvested moss was collected personally from a reliable source from my home county of Northumberland. It is important to us, that celebrating the seasons does not come at a cost to the planet.

If you wish to adorn your wreath with something a little unusual or personal to you, please do bring it along and we’ll work out the best method for attaching it to your wreath.

Festive wreaths are definitely not just for Christmas! Many of last year’s customers have kept their wreaths all year as they dry beautifully and continue to look great during any season.

Our workshops always include refreshments.

Our Customers Said

I enjoyed learning from your knowledge and expertise