Pickity Pick

Creating our flower field is a dream come true! A cliché perhaps but it genuinely is! It is the realisation of a 25 year long dream of developing a flower field that we can share with others. The beauty of field is so deeply relaxing as is the opportunity to pick your own flowers either for fun or for a specific event.

We believe that in providing you with the opportunity to “Pickity Pick” flowers from our field, we are providing you with the opportunity to create wonderful memories. We will ensure that we do our best to make your experience of our field as lovely as we possibly can.

All our events are listed under the events and workshops page of our website. If you want to create something more bespoke or if you would like to pick your own wedding or event flowers, do get in touch direct using the contact form.

We can’t wait to share our field with you.

Get in touch to arrange your event