Sow, Grow, Cut & Condition

So you want to grow a few flowers for cutting for the house?

Be warned! It’s addictive!

I should know, my whole business started from me wanting to grow a few flowers in among the vegetables.

It’s so hugely rewarding, give it a go!

Throughout the past 30 years, i’ve been fortunate to attend a huge number of grow your own cut flower workshops. They’ve been inspirational and my dream has always been to run my own course amalgamating all the interesting information i’ve learnt over the last 30 years. A three hour hands-on workshop with you getting your fingers in the compost!

With the addition of our flower field, my dream got bigger and now alongside talking about sowing and growing flowers for cutting, I can also demonstrate how to cut your blooms for increased productivity and explain conditioning for increased vase life.

Located in our floral marquee positioned in our established garden and in our flower field, our “Sow, Grow, Cut & Condition” workshop is three hours of pure cut flower indulgence and inspiration to set you off on your own growing journey.

We have now finished running this course for 2022 but new dates for 2023 will be added to the website very soon.


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Our Customers Said

I love the fact that you allow hands-on experience in your lovely flower field