Sponsor a sunflower!


Sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine. Sowing and growing our sunflowers this year will feel very poignant but we hope that they will be a symbol of hope over despair and that by the time they are in flower, there will be peace.

However funds are required now, so please consider sponsoring a sunflower! All funds raised will be donated through an official DEC charity such as the Red Cross, which means that the donated funds will be doubled by our Government and the monies raised will be used directly to to purchase what is most urgently required. We will of course cover all the growing costs ourselves.

We have had the most amazing idea as to how we would like to mark your sponsorships, we’ve got volunteers ready to help, we’re good to go! We just need to wait, to see whether doing anything is appropriate at the time our sunflowers come into bloom.

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I had a fabulous time and the advice you gave me is referred to daily! Would recommend to anyone who enjoys flowers!