Wall Flower Weddings

Gather together your friends and family to create your wedding day vision and we will supply you with the buckets of our naturally glorious flowers to help make it a day to truly remember.

Creating your own special vision for your event with the help of friends and family can help make your day genuinely personal and also assist with your wedding budgeting.

We grow with nature and with respect to the environment. This means we can never guarantee a specific variety of flower will be available for your big day and we will never aim to provide you with out of season flowers. We can however work with your colour palette and the general theme for your wedding. Give us a short amount of warning and we will accommodate your needs as well as we possibly can. Give us twelve months warning and you can influence our growing lists for the following year.

New for 2023: Do come along to one of our open evenings twelve months ahead of your wedding to see the flowers that we would anticipate being available for your big day. Dates for our open events are listed on our events and workshops page.

We have two wedding packages available for you to choose from. In addition, if you would like us to assist with the creation of some of your wedding flowers please contact us direct and consider booking onto our pre-wedding planning event which is described below.

Option 1:  Beautiful Buckets of Blooms!

We will pick and condition buckets of the most beautiful seasonal, characterful and fragrant blooms ready for your collection.

We aim for approximately 70 stems within a florist’s bucket at a cost of £70/bucket. This is enough for:

  • Two hand tied posies or
  • Approximately ten small table arrangements or
  • One large arrangement

How many buckets of flowers you think you will need is a personal choice. However, an average purchase would be five buckets.

Option 2:  Beautiful Buckets of Blooms Picked By You!

Start your celebrations early and make your big day genuinely a family and friends affair! Bring them along to our flower field to pick your own naturally glorious blooms two days before your wedding. We will help guide you to the best blooms in the field for your chosen colour palette and demonstrate how to cut. We will also provide you with the necessary flower snips and buckets. (Please note we charge a returnable deposit on the return of our flower buckets).

You take the buckets of blooms home to condition the flowers in advance of arranging them the day before your wedding.

For this option we charge £60/bucket.

Pre-wedding planning event

Key to the success of “doing the flowers” yourself on your big day is to have made all the necessary decisions prior to the event. As a bride, you need to know that others are clear about your vision and that they will create it while you are busy with so many other pressing matters.

We’d love you to come to our flower farm with your floral team prior to your big day. We will encourage your team to pick a bucket of flowers learning from you what your preferences are. Back in our floral marquee we can create your vision over refreshments. Alternatively, you might like your team to learn how to make floral crowns, make a meadow together or whatever is the most helpful to you. If you have chosen option two above, we will also discuss how you should be conditioning the flowers that have been picked by you. This will also be a great opportunity for you to double check your ordered flower quantities.

The cost for this event is £125 for a team of up to five people. Additional flowers can be purchased for use during this event at £60/bucket.