Terms & Conditions


1. This website is operated by Wall Flowers Seasonal Blooms. Where these terms and conditions use terms such as “we”, “us” and “our”, they refer to Wall Flowers Seasonal Blooms.

2. By visiting our website including all the information, tools and services on it, and/or purchasing something from us, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions, and the associated privacy policy shown below.

3. You can view the most current version of these terms and conditions at any time by visiting this website page. We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of these terms and conditions, without prior notice to you, by posting updates on this page.

Buying fresh flowers from Wall Flowers Seasonal Blooms

4. We offer for purchase, picked to order, fresh, seasonal flowers. Our bouquets and buckets of blooms are offered as “whatever is in season”. We will try to accommodate any specific requests where possible but we can never promise that a specific variety of flower will be in bloom at any one time. Our social media feeds are a good place to see what is in flower at the time of purchase.

5. We have chosen, as part of our business model, not to buy flowers from other growers. All flowers have been grown here at Wall Flowers Seasonal Blooms in order that we can be certain of the provenance of the growing history and to ensure that they meet with our environmental credentials and goals. The only exception to this is with regards to base foliage material for Christmas wreaths which we are unable to source from our own land. Our aspiration to only use flowers grown by ourselves however means that we can not offer flowers after the first “killing” frost which usually happens towards the end of October and the beginning of the season which usually takes place sometime in April.

6. Orders for flowers must be made by 4pm for next day collection/delivery. Please note that we pick flowers to order to ensure that they are fresh and at their peak for delivery. We cannot guarantee that there will be flowers available for your purchase if you call in on speck. The only exception to this is when our “pop up flower farm shop” is open.

7. Flowers can be collected from East Wall or we can arrange delivery. “Flowers for the Weekend” deliveries are free of charge within a 10 mile radius of East Wall on a Friday. Deliveries at other times can be arranged but we will add a delivery charge to your order.

8. Please note that we are a seasonal flower farm with limited covered growing space. Our availability of flowers is completely dependant on the weather. Adverse weather conditions may affect our ability to fulfil your order. In this eventuality, we will speak to you regarding alternative arrangements or for a full refund.

Workshops and Events at the Flower Farm

9. It is our priority to ensure your safety while you are visiting us. We are a working flower farm, please dress accordingly. In particular, you will need to wear suitable footwear for walking over uneven ground. Please note that we do not have any shelter in the field. Please bring waterproof clothing.

10. When you book to attend an event or to pick your own flowers, you will be directed to park in a field. There is a short walk between the parking field and the flower field. The approach to the flower field and the ground within the flower field is uneven.

11. There are safety hazards within the field. We will be providing you with sharp flower snips for your use within the field. We hold our flower netting in place with bamboo canes, all of which have a cane topper secured to the top but still represent a hazard. We will make every effort to clear any trip hazards from the field before your arrival but we use sandbags to hold our membrane paths in place and they can present themselves as a hazard if you are distracted.

12. If you are bringing children with you to the flower field, please ensure that they are supervised at all times. Any broken stems should be placed in the bucket provided for your use while in the field, together with your selected stems.

13. Picking flowers at Wall Flowers Seasonal Blooms is an outdoor activity. We will continue with your picking experience in the event of mildly inclement weatherconditions. However we reserve the right to cancel your picking experience if we are aware of a severe weather warning e.g. gales or torrential rain.

14. We have livestock, unfortunately this means that we are not able to accommodate dogs on site.

15. We will be taking photos during your visit to Wall Flowers Seasonal Blooms, please let us know if you do not want to be included on any of our photographs or if you do not wish your photograph to be shown on social media or on our website or any other promotional materials.

16. If you have booked a “bespoke” event with Wall Flowers Seasonal Blooms for between 5-9 people for exclusive use of our flower field and floral marquee, a fee of £50 will be required to confirm your booking. If your event has to be cancelled due to external forces, e.g. due to a change in government restrictions or due to a severe weather forecast, we will seek to re-arrange your event at a mutually convenient date. If this is not possible, your booking fee will be returned to you. Your booking fee is non-returnable for other eventualities.

Wedding & Event Flowers from Wall Flowers Seasonal Blooms

17. We will be providing flowers for the date and time of your event as confirmed by you. We will pick flowers freshly for your orders to be looking at their best during your event.

18. We cannot guarantee any specific varieties of flowers as we are subject to the vagaries of the English weather, we reserve the right to substitute to your theme.

19. You will need clean buckets or vases to collect your flowers in. If you need to borrow our buckets, we will make a £50 deposit charge which will be returned to you on the safe return of our buckets within a week of the event.

20. We will take photos of the flowers we have provided for your event for posting on social media and on our website. Please let us know if you do not want you name to be included in any social media posts.

21. For us to “save the date” for your wedding and event flowers, we will require a £50 booking fee. This will be used against the cost of bulbs, seeds or plants for your event flowers. If your wedding is cancelled by external sources e.g. due to a change in government restrictions, your booking fee will be returned to you. Your booking fee is non-returnable for other eventualities.

Wholesale Flowers for Florists

22. We offer wholesale flowers to florists who want to regularly purchase flowers from us during our growing season.

23. If you wish to buy wholesale flowers from us, we will in the first instance ask to have a chat with you to understand a little more about your business. We wish to understand if our flowers meet your business needs and floristry style. Please note that we do not use floral foam within our business and are unlikely to supply to florists who use floral foam within their floristry.

24. We are not able to offer a delivery service for wholesale flowers. We do not courier or post fresh flowers. All orders are for collection only, with collection dates and times to be pre-arranged. We only pick to order, please do not expect there to be a range of ready-cut flowers to select from. You will be required to bring your own buckets to transfer flowers into.

25. We do not currently have a minimum order value and are willing to sell by the mixed bucket or by stem count. We reserve the right to change these terms in the future as our business develops.

26. Orders should be made by email please. An invoice will be sent by email as confirmation of your order. Once confirmed, orders are considered binding and cannot be cancelled by you.

27. Please pay by direct bank transfer within 14 days of invoice.

28. We will make every effort to fulfil orders but cannot be held accountable for crop failures. We will endeavour to notify you of any issues at the first opportunity and to offer alternatives where possible.

Collecting Personal Information

29. When you visit our website, we collect certain information about your device, your interaction with our website and any information necessary to process your purchases on our website.

30. Any information collected is for use by us to enable a more efficient transaction of your requirements. We also collect information for analytical purposes for the intention of developing our business to meet the needs of our customers.

31. Any information is collected automatically when you access our website using cookies.

32. We will only disclose information necessary to share with our processor, WooCommerce, and for the purposes of enabling us to fulfil our contract with you. For example, to process your payment.

33. Other than disclosure of information with our processor, WooCommerce, as is necessary to complete your transaction, we will not disclose any information to a third party.