How We Grow

We start with the soil!

Everything we do at Wall Flowers Seasonal Blooms revolves around the health of our soil. We believe firmly that a healthy soil makes for healthy plants which makes for lots of healthy naturally glorious flowers.

We operate a no dig system of bed preparation and we use lots of compost, much of which is produced on the flower farm, to improve the soil organic matter levels. This is key to ensuring a healthy and active soil as well as improving drainage during the winter months and water retention during the summer months. Watching our soils slowly improve is magical and fundamental to our growing systems.

We are trialling a number of different cover crops on our flower beds with the purpose of composting direct into the soil in between flower rotations. This is a work in progress to understand what grows best in our soil and climatic conditions alongside which system works well to enable us to still grow our crops within their season.

Why is this so important? Our method of growing involves not using any inorganic pesticides or fertilisers. Resilience to pests and diseases must come from within the plants themselves with the assistance of the local beetle and bird populations. We apply very little to our crops other than organic approved foliar feeds and seaweed solutions. We encourage our ladybird population by having wild edges to our field and providing them with the habitat they require to ensure they take up residence locally and are on hand to munch any outbreaks of aphids that might occur. We leave seed heads on part of our field to assist the local bird population through the winter months and to encourage them to stay with us.

Our business is very environmentally and climate change conscious. We do use plastic products if they are the best product for the job, but we don’t use them once. We purchase long lasting products such as seed trays, cells and plant labelsand we look after them so that we can reuse and reuse. You won’t catch us using cellophane to wrap our flowers but instead we use papers that can be composted. We will never use floral foam and we buy our moss from a sustainable source.

We aren’t perfect, but we are trying really hard to make our business as “green” as we can.